24 February 2008

Chris Pirillo and His Dog Mac

Well, I bit and watched all 25 plus minutes of Chris Pirillo's new video on YouTube. I would say it wasn't as interesting as I had hoped. The video should be below for your viewing pleasure.

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I don't see what is to be argued over. As much as one would want to say a Mac is a Mac it is simply not true. A Mac is just preferred hardware bought by Apple to implement it's own OS. This way of building and programming for a PC with a finite number of hardware helps simplify the stability of the OS and it's applications. Smart, but not the begin all, end all. The real difference between a Mac and any other PC is just the OS. To be technical, a Mac is a PC. Remember, "PC" stands for Personal Computer. "PC" has little to no reference to it's Operating System (OS).

To let it be known, I have not yet used Vista or Mac extensively. My uncle uses Mac and is a very strong supporter of this hardware and software. He has his reasons for this and I see them clearly. I on the other hand love to mess around a lot with my PC and tweak it until I can do anything I can dream of with it. For me Mac is not the route I wished to take to accomplish this.

Early in the video Chris Pirillo states that Linux isn't ready yet. I disagree with this statement totally. Just like Windows or Mac OS, you need to sit down with it and learn the system. Linux can and does just as much as both those OSes plus more due to how it is built, but it does have a slightly steeper learning curve. This learning curve is quickly being brought down by the Linux community such as the folks at Ubuntu. In fact, for a lot of folks that have used Linux for more years than their Windows years, they find the learning curve for Windows to be quite high for some of the more advanced functions. Such as ipconfig in the command line. In fact, almost all command line options in WinXP are a pain in the neck unless you know to use "Run" and implement "cmd". All Linux Distros I have seen and tested so far all have a Terminal GUI icon just ready for a quick click.

I am not sure how much experience Mr. Pirillo has with Linux, but to dismiss it all together and not really including it in the old Mac vs. PC routine is not the way to be totally informative.

The point of all of this is I expect more from Chris Pirillo on subjects such as these. Not one time in the whole video did he give examples of what the differences are in the two OSes. It would have been nice to see his opinion on the ease of use, or steps taken to implement simple or complex tasks that even he himself must use every day in his line of work. Please, just don't give statements and no examples to help emphasis exactly what you are ranting or raving about.

I feel very sorry for Kat. She was brought on the show to help in some way, but due to Chris continually cutting her off and not really giving a good direction on what was supposed to be discussed is really a shame. You could hear in the poor woman's voice that she had a lot of great professional insight to add for both Mac and Windows use, but was unable to deliver. Her eventual confusion on what to do when Chris's ADHD kicked in and he decided to go get a trophy CD signed by one of the main developers of Vista was proof of the lack of direction for the discussion.

Yes, he seems a bit young, and has all the charisma of a true PC geek, but he needs to learn to calm down. In a few of his videos you can either hear his wife telling him to keep it down or even see her on the tape giving it her best not to slap him silly. She must be a great woman and a saint to be with Chris. As a consumer I only have to put up with him if I chose to, but this poor soul lives with him on a 24 hour a day basis. I am pretty sure Chris would agree with me.

"Hearing someone is not the same as listening. Remember, you hear noise, but listen to music."

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