19 February 2008

Black History Month and Other Craziness

Well, it's Black History Month, and also the shortest month in the year, but for me it's just another day, week, month, and year here in Manila. Thank God! If you want to know what I am getting at, please proceed to Google Calendars and check out all the public Calendars dealing with a specialty and minority group days, weeks, and months. It's crazy. A term like Black History, Hispanic History, Women's History, People with Mass Amounts of Boogers History, and so on and so forth is an affront to the individuals being described and the word "history" itself.

I understand things like this are not only to make individual groups feel better about themselves and feel uplifted, but make a bunch of old farts feel better about themselves for allowing such groups to be overlooked in the first place. It's a game of guilt in my opinion. To make one group feel guilty for something they haven't done that others did and to make another group feel like they are special for a day, week, month, or whatever. It's stupid. First of all, if you need the government or the masses to create a day, month, year, or whatever for your skin color, place of ancestry, medical condition, or whatever makes you "different" from the rest of society you need to go outside and find a way to end yourself as soon as possible. The only person that can make you happy is...(wait for it)....YOU! If you can't make yourself happy no one can.

Second, if you consider yourself a label of some sort you have just limited yourself. It's funny when folks like Dave Chappelle talk about "blacks", "whites", and other skin colors, but in the long run these labels are nothing more than CRAP! It's great when the government wants to talk about equality, but when the first thing they ask you on their forms is sex and race. It's just stupid. The best thing we can do is put other and fill in HUMAN or just our names. I am not a white male, I'm a human named Jason Dorfler. No one else is like me. If everyone who looked somewhat like me was just like me in thoughts and likes, well this would be one boring world.

Third in this rant is the fact the deciding parties love to use the word "history" in their description of these special days. That's a bunch of CRAP as well. History is not modular. History is an all encompassing chain of cause and effect that reaches to all things in the universe. "History" belongs to everyone. "History" is not the sole property of any individual group or creed. If you don't think so, try to figure out what the heck is going on in the Middle East right now. One thing caused another, and it has a lot more to do than Jews and Muslims not liking one another. For something interesting look up why Iraq uses Daylight Saving Time.

I really don't think this subject needs any further digging. We all have our opinions and thoughts on the subject. Take time and think why CRAP like this persists. Things like this only divide us further as humans and takes our time and effort away from things that would be a little more productive, like finding the cure for cancer.

Now for my morning quote: "Today is a great day, yesterday was just okay."

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