20 December 2010

Steam has Issues

When I purchase a game title on disc, I don't want your software messing up the install, then having to "download" what can be installed from the disc. I finally got Fallout New Vegas to install from the disc by reinstalling the Steam client then reinstalling New Vegas, but it won't let me launch New Vegas without updating the game first. I wouldn't mind, but for some reason, and it's only Steam servers that do this, I only get at best 12 KB/S at a burst on a good day. And I have tried every one of your servers on the server list. I let Steam run one night all night to get 200 MB of the 300+ MB download for Fallout New Vegas and Steam crashes, and I have to start the whole download over again. This is on a clean install of Windows 7 64 Bit with nothing installed on your list of software that interrupts or messes with Steam. I bought Metro 2033 not knowing I'd have to register and update it through your software. Steam crashed during the install of the game and now instead of reinstalling from disc, it wants to download the whole game from one of your servers at 3 KB/S, at burst. If I update my games that use Windows Live I get 60-150KB/s depending on the time of day. I have tried every troubleshooting suggestion from your website with no avail.

I work in Afghanistan and have VSAT service through Bentley Walker, and it's only your servers I have issues with. Only yours. You understand? The rest of the entire internet can get it together, but the whole Valve Steam Team must be either lazy or incompetent. I provide 4 networks to include physical infrastructure and provided software services to include client software and firmware installs and updates, not to mention phone services to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces and their allies with a team of 3 people in a remote area of the world. If I gave the level of service you provide just for updates to that of my clients, I would be replaced.

Every service member and civilian out here has not only expressed their distaste for Steam, but has let their friends and family know so that they will boycott your product and any software company that forces anyone to use your product for registration and updates.

I will be sending a copy of this statement to every software company I can email so they are aware of what is going on. I will also be emailing this to online retailers such as GameStop and EBGames so they can properly label products for sale so no one accidentally buys a Steam enabled game.