15 March 2009

Microsoft, Zune, Linux, and Frustration

I don't get it. Microsoft wants to make money. They do everything in their power to make money, but the right way to make money. I just bought a Zune from the Bagram PX, and I can't sync it with my music through Ubuntu. You'd think Microsoft would be smart and play nice with other OS's besides their own. Apparently the Zune doesn't even play nice with Apple's OS-X.

I would have bought an Ipod, but it did not have the features I wanted, and did not have enough storage space. I know Apple tries to do everything in their power to make sure the Ipod doesn't work with 3 rd party applications that aren't Itunes, but due to it's prevalence an individual is able to use tools in Linux to do what they wish with an Ipod.

I'm disappointed, but it's for these reasons I continue to dual boot all my systems. I'll just download the Zune software and install it in Vista. Perhaps I'll try to install it with Wine in Ubuntu and see what happens.

Just a note for Microsoft and Apple. If you want to sell more hardware, try to make sure your systems can interface properly with other operating systems. I know you want to make more money with your Zune and Itunes stores, but let's be honest, no one who knows what they are doing are going to use these features. I'll continue to rip my music from my CD collection and transfer them to my portable players.

“Play nice with others, and others will play nice with you.”

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