06 September 2008

Golf and Life.

Golf. What a wonderful sport. If you ever want to see how someone is, play a round of golf with them. It's such a personal sport. It definitely shows someone for who they are, not only to themselves, but everyone around them. Golf is like life itself. If you look at it from a far it's a simple concept, but when in the midst of playing the game, it becomes more complicated than any sport in the world. It has more rules than any sport I know. How is the game supposed to be played? You take a ball that is supposed to be built within guidelines set by a governing body. You take fourteen clubs, in which these too are governed by the same body for conformity. In fact, every piece of equipment is governed by this body in order not to give an unfair advantage to any player. With this in mind, you take said ball and place it on said tee in order to strike it towards a hole with your choice of one of the said fourteen clubs. The idea is to place this small ball into a hole that is sometimes hundreds of yards away in the least amount of strikes as possible. A quite simple concept, but one of the hardest things to do in almost any sport. You have no opponents that can get in your way or physically touch you to impede your process. In fact, your only opponent is yourself. If you win or lose it's your own fault.

Yes, there are obstacles in your way between you and the hole. There's sand, water, hazards, uneven ground, and plethora of many different acts of nature that can be imagined to impede a player. It's how you handle these that separates a player from a cheater.

I find that those that cheat on the course cheat in life. I find those that blame their clubs, the course, or even other players never blame themselves for their short falling in life. I find that those that play by the rules live with in the rules in life. I find that those that are imaginative on their shots are imaginative in their life and career. I find that those that go for it go for it as well with their life.

I know how I play. I know who I am. Do you wonder how you play? Do you wonder who you are? If you want, we can find out together. Tee up.

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